Natural Beauties

The desired place is the beach, which combines directly with virgin wetlands. It is the opportunity for relaxing with retsina and fresh fish photo from area of Saint Charalambous photo and Imerous or grown up in local fisheries.

TavaniotiProskinites - Alkion - Profitis Ilias - Platanitis. Kilometers with country houses and gardens, luxurious villas and camping. Beaches which all summer long period of festive motion. For those who like fishing and diving, the ideal choices are small gulfs of Synaxi and Marmaritsa.

Ancient Maronia

Ancient MaroniaJust 5 km from modern Maronia, under olive trees, the Ancient Maronia, one of the most important states of ancient years, which was founded by Kikons in the 30 c.b.C. and was inhabited in 13 c.b.C.

Ulysses, when destroyed the town of Troy, arrived here and was welcomed by the King Maron, which offered to him wealthy presents and pure drink, the famous local red wine. This wine offered Ulysses to Cyclop Polyfimos and when he was drunk, Ulysses blind him and free his partners.

AncientTheaterOne of more important sights of Ancient Maronia is the Ancient Theatre which was sertified as one of the best theatres and which was used until the end of 6th century, the Synaxi photo, dated in 4th century and visited by many heroes and teachers of the Ancient World and the Gate of Andrian photo, built to his honor when he visited Maronia in 124-125 p.C.

The caves of the Thrace
Maronia CaveThe caves are underground symbol of mythology of Thrace. The carved graves of Thrace which remind and symbolize caves, holes on mountain rocks and the monuments which express the belief of Thracian people in immortality soul.

On the 8th km from Maronia to Komotini there is the Cave of Maronia photo or "Cyclop's Cave". This cave has impressed the historical Apollonio before centuries and it refers in his "Argonautics". Nowadays, it needs guide but thanks to the activity of Maronias municipality we hope that soon it will be easy the access the Cave for visitors. In small distance from cave of Maronia it is the cave of Strymni in foots of Ismaros.


ChurchesThere are 40 churches and each of them has it's one particular history. In Maronia photo the visitors can see two wonderful churches of Blessed Virgin Mary and of Saint John with their common steeple which was build in 18th century. The Saint Charalampos is miraculous and protector of Maronia. The church was build in 1866 in Byzantine Maronia.

From the little excavate studies which were done in the area of Thrace it comes a conclusion that the Abdira, Mesimvria and Maronia were the biggest and the most wealthy towns of ancient world in area. In small sections that were done, was founded a wonderful exhibits which are exhibited in Museum of Komotini.

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